La cantante Becky G sigue trabajando para mantenerse en el gusto del público y complacer a sus seguidores con su música.

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#LBD is such a vibe for me. Extremely excited because it’s only a taste of what’s to come from more of my future english music.. I just wanna make dope shit and be known for my true self in my english music just like I get to be in my spanish urban music. These songs and the songs we intend to keep creating are just vibes that I actually identify with. Urban music is such a big part of me and my inspiration as an artist. For many of those who don’t remember, I started off as a rapper at just 11 years old. Although many discovered me with my “pop” English music It personally never really clicked for me the way these new records do. I learned a lot of valuable lessons as a kid in the “teen pop” phase but now I get the chance to start all over as a new young woman and do it the way my heart wants to. I had a great team of creatives around my project to mirror my truth. Even they could see the genuine happiness in me because I wasn’t faking anything. Thank you to them and to everyone who is vibing with me in this humbling new chapter of my English music. Im extremely grateful.

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Recientemente, estrenó el vídeo oficial de su más reciente sencillo»LBD» (Little Black Dress), la cual causó gran simpatía e tres sus seguidores pues con ella regresa a cantar en inglés.

Como ya es costumbre, en el vídeo se puede ver a la cantante mostrando mini atuendos, lo que la ha llevado a tener gran éxito con sus seguidores, pues derrocha sensualidad.

Entre los comentarios de sus seguidores, muchas fueron las peticiones a la estadounidense para que continuara cantando en inglés, pues opinaban que la cantante no domina bien español.






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